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Bolton Software Company Selected for Angels Den, A Major UK Crowdfunding Platform

For Immediate Release Friday 6th March 2015

Rentaballoonrace Limited, a Bolton, based company that licences its US patent pending virtual balloon race software to hospices, charities and schools throughout the UK is set to expand its sales operations over to North America very shortly.

Mike Phillips, Marketing ManagerThe company has just been selected onto the prestigious Angels Den Crowdfunding platform to raise the £300,000 equity required to fund their significant sales opportunity.  Crowdfunding is a relatively new financial system that allows both small and large investors to buy shares in a growing business and receive HMRC approved tax breaks in parallel.

Mike Phillips, managing director, commenting on the good news said, “The USA is rated the world’s #1 charity giving country by CAF, the global Charities Aid Foundation, so it has to be a major market for our virtual race system”.

In November, the company ran one of their 100% eco-friendly races for the Cheshire Scouts and it grossed nearly £30,000. And with the new innovations planned for this year, their 2015 race is expected to more than triple the previous amount. Over the last three years the platform has raised over £3m for good causes.

This recent success now means fundraising for scouts and guides in North America is seen as a priority sub-sector for especially with two more scout races contracted in the last few weeks.

Rentaballoonrace MascotBesides the fun elements of the system like decorating your balloon and tracking it as it flies on Google maps, there are major educational outputs available in addition. These include teaching real life aspects of environmental issues, geography, geology and meteorology. Importantly too, the race system is not considered gambling by the UK Gambling Commission.

For more information, contact

Mike Phillips, managing director, Rentaballoonrace Limited

7a Church Bank Bolton BL1 1HX United Kingdom

+44 (0)1204 375500 /


ENDS flies to a school in Australia

For Immediate Release: Friday 6th March 2015 

Bolton based Rentaballoonrace Limited has landed its first contract for a virtual balloon race in Western Australia. Albany Primary School and Autism Support Network Albany (ASNA) have signed up to help them fundraise lots of money for school projects and World Autism Week which starts on the 27th March 2015


Julie Brooks, race co-ordinator said, “we are thrilled to be going ahead with the virtual balloon race and the school will use the project to raise awareness of education cuts [in Australia] to children with special needs”

The 100% eco-friendly virtual race system is becoming increasingly popular because it does not kill animals or birds unlike real latex balloons. Environmental pressure groups such as the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and their ’Don’t Let Go’ campaign are putting significant pressure on the UK Government to outlaw all real balloon races in the future.

Importantly too, because you can change the amount of helium, balloon shape and thickness of rubber, the UK Gambling Commission consider the system a game of skill and not chance. Therefore no gaming licence is required.

A recent race for Cheshire Scouts grossed almost £30,000 and with the new innovations planned for this year, their 2015 race is expected to more than triple the previous amount.

Besides the fun elements, there are major educational outputs from the race system if you so wish, especially real aspects of environmental issues, geography, geology and meteorology. Plus, as the race system is an interactive competition, it can capture details of warm supporters and be used to recruit new members and / or promote corporate sponsors.

For more details, contact

Mike Phillips, marketing director,

Rentaballonrace Limited

7a Churchbank, Bolton. BL1 1HX United Kingdom

01204 375500